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Hi, I'm Rhidley! Online, I just go by Lumé.I draw furries and mythical creatures, often with a focus on themes of queer joy and the beauty of humanity.I am the illustrator for Dunce Cap Games' pet matching card game, ComPetAbility.I also did multiple signage pieces for the pet treat company, Munchies By Moe Joe.

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Terms of Service


Full disclosure: I am disabled and live in an unstable home environment which can sometimes interrupt my freelance work, which is also my only form of income. I always communicate with my clients via email and through my queue. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach me by email. I also post my life updates that affect my business here. You can also read my reviews to hear real feedback from my clients!All commission inquries must be submitted here. Any inquiries sent to other places will be redirected.In your inquiry, provide me with any reference photos applicable, the type of commission you want, and your idea (or specify if you want artistic liberty instead). Give as much info as possible up front!I do not work weekends and will only respond during the week. I respond to emails on an as-needed basis, meaning that I will reply as I have new updates for you.You acknowledge that I may explore new techniques and styles with your commission. If you want me to replicate a specific style I have used before, please provide the art in question before I start the piece. Certain styles (like thin lineart) may come with an upcharge.I will provide a WIP sketch to you on which you can request any alterations. It's imperative to be honest at this stage because after the sketching stage is finished it's 8€/per large edit (like if I have to readjust posing or body type after lining/coloring).That being said, if a sketch doesn't at all meet your expectations, let me know and I will redo it! It can also be helpful to have a stickman drawing from the client if they have a specific vision in mind.I have a right to turn away a commission without any explained reason.


Commissions must be paid in full and within 24hrs of the invoice publishing. Please understand that art is a luxury, if you cannot afford the up-front cost then it's safer to postpone until otherwise.I use Stripe for payment processing, I will send the invoice to the email that you used to send your inquiry. I will only ever do payment through invoices. Please do not ask me to use another payment processing service.Once payment has been confirmed, you will be given an ETA for your commission's turnaround time. It could take up to 90 business days (3 months) to complete the commission.Special requests:Expedited turnaround: I am happy to guarantee a client with a faster turnaround time for +30% of the original price. The client will be put at the front of the queue and will take priority. If there is another expedited client before you, you will be put behind them.Private commissions: These are available for +30% of the original price. Private commissions are sent only to the client and will not be uploaded to Ko-fi, Discord, or any other social medias.


In the 7+ years I've been freelancing, I have never had a commission I couldn't complete!That being said, if by the 90-day mark (no sooner) I have still not completed the commission and you would like a refund, please let me know. I ask that you give me 72 hours from the point of request to fulfill it, as it could take a little time to get the funds.Unstarted commissions are qualified for a 100% refund (orders above 80 € get 50% back, you agreed to pay for a luxury that requires patience).Commissions at the sketching stage qualifies for a 50% refund (+80 € gets 25% back).Commissions at the lining stage qualify for a 25% refund. (+80 € gets 15% back).A commission at the coloring stage or after cannot receive a refund of any amount.

As a reward for reading my ToS, write the word sunbeam in your initial inquiry to receive a percentage off of your commission. Not combinable with other discounts or sales.

Will & Won't Draw

Will draw:

  • Anthro & feral characters

  • Humans; humanoid characters such as harpies, centaurs, robots, mermaids, etc

  • Fandom OCs (non-copyrighted)

  • DND characters

  • Non-sexualized nudity

  • Buildings, forests, bedrooms, etc

  • Armor

  • Vehicles

  • NSFW / 18+ (please view NSFW commission site, available upon request)

Won't draw:

  • Religious or hurtful themes

  • Sensitive subjects (i.e, gore and/or self harm, UNLESS you are over 18 and can show ID)

  • Copyrighted Fandom Characters (unless it is something I have previously drawn art for, i.e LoZ, My Little Pony, Invader Zim, etc...)

Usage of My Art

You may:

  • Repost my art with proper credit in your post (tag me without a slash after the @ ! I want to see it!)

  • Of course, share art in private messages; credit is appreciated. This includes WIP photos. Please bare in mind they are unwatermarked.

  • Print your commission out on paper for personal use.

You may not:

  • Post without credit, or claim you drew it.

  • Edit my artwork in any way.

  • Trace my artwork.

  • Resell the art for monetary gain.

Let's get in touch!

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Repeat clients get 10% OFF their total commission

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Standard Commission

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

SketchFlat colorShaded
40 €80 €120 €
+20 €/per extra character+30 €/per extra character+40 €/per extra character


50+ € 
Backgrounds can be tricky to price, so I give a general flat rate here. Depending on what you ask for and the level of detail you're looking for the price may vary! Please do not hesitate to ask if you're at all interested. :) }

50 € Monochrome Sketch

+20 € per character

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

60 € Flat bust

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

150 € Reference Sheets

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

When buying a ref commission, you will need to tell me of any changes to design up front before I work. If I deem there to be a lot of design changes that may involve extra work,
I may charge more. These aren't meant to be character design commissions.

200€ Customs / Character Design

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

Give me something to base your design off of (colors, animals, moodboards, anything!)
More design examples on my!

150-300 € Paintings

+50 € per character

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

Prices for these vary piece by piece.
I determine price based on the amount of details and how much of the body will be in-frame.

80 € Badges + 20 € for physical

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

Badges are around 6-10in length.
They are fully laminated and decorated with stickers on the back.
International shipping is okay!

Telegram / Discord Stickers
45 € for one, 150 € for four, 300 € for eight!

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png.

Pet Portraits

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, and a low-res .jpg.

SketchFlat AcrylicRendered Acrylic
40 €100 €200 €
+10 €/per extra pet+20 €/per extra pet+60 €/per extra pet

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Commission Queue [OPEN]

Click here to read life updates that may affect my work flow!

ClientTypeStage90-day mark
NotSafeForFleurx2 Flat colorAwaiting final feedbackOctober 7th, 2024
NotBirbRossCharacter designColorsOctober 7th, 2024
streamdragonx2 MonochromeFinalizingOctober 7th, 2024
OzzyPossx2 Monochrome UPGRADED: ShadedAwaiting additional paymentOctober 7th, 2024
lamedogblogx2 SketchFinalizingOctober 7th, 2024
saturnad69x2 ShadedPaid, unstartedOctober 11th, 2024
paleoroex2 SketchPaid, unstartedOctober 15th, 2024
Hornyeenx1 MonochromePaid, unstartedOctober 29th, 2024
Jack-JackalFlat colorPaid, unstartedOctober 30th, 2024
KaiKenkuADFlat colorPaid, unstartedOctober 30th, 2024
KDLF_x2 Flat colorPaid, unstartedOctober 30th, 2024
DumbBunnyHutchFlat colorPaid, unstartedOctober 31st, 2024
VicromosReference sheetPaid, unstartedNovember 12, 2024
UnderDeskretaryx2 SketchInvoicingN/A
Werewuff_x2 SketchInvoicingN/A

Other Owed Art

ClientTypeStageEstimated Turnaround
TRAEXArt TradeUnstartedN/A
MJSTYArt TradeUnstartedN/A
SleepystagArt TradeUnstartedN/A

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Occasionally, I like to make the funny animals in motion :p

Tender moments

Big Feelings

Personal Favorites

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© Rhidley de Léon. All rights reserved.

Commission Inquiry Form

If you don't have a or would prefer to send image files, leave the link section blank and send references within your follow-up email.Remember to check your email for replies and updates from me. If you go missing and leave no social media contact, your commission will be archived until I hear back.If you don't see a response after a few days or haven't received your invoice after I've confirmed I sent it, please check your spam folder.

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Thanks so much for your interest in working with me!I respond to emails on weekdays only (GMT+1).Your support actively keeps my family and I happy and healthy!Much love and many thanks!-Lumé

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For any and all updates pertaining to deadlines, vacations, and product drops.


Hello hello! Can you believe it's already July?Some good news on my end! After months of tablet/laptop troubles that have hindered my workflow, I finally had an idea of what to do. I got an external HDMI hub and it fixed the problem just like that. Too bad I didn't think of that sooner!Anyways, still going strong on commissions these days. I'm thankful for everyone's support as I strive for better times! Current turnaround time for commissions is roughly a month, but could be more or less depending on what you get. Thank you for choosing me as your artist! <3Until next time!

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Past Updates

My last update here left off on a pretty sad note. It was/is an unfortunate reality for me that my art may not be livable. In my past year living here, I've applied to so many jobs, with none of them getting back to me. Seems like I just can't stay away from art, it's all I can think about. I really think this is what I'm meant to be doing, so I'm giving it another go.
Please, take a look at my Terms of Service, I have done a large overhaul and will be running my business a little differently moving forward for sustainability. I still want to continue to provide outstanding service, but I can only do this if I allow myself a longer turnaround time on my commissions. I had gotten really burnt out, it felt like I was never making enough, but if I allow myself more time, and to take more commissions up front, I think I can manage okay and have a consistent flow of work (which is good, lack of consistency was killing me).There is one hiccup right now, and that is an ongoing issue with my tablet that I'm in discussion with Huion about. I'm only able to work efficiently on sketch commissions right now, so it's the only type of work I will be taking until further notice!If you'd like to be notified when I open slots, please join my Discord server and get the 'commission ping' role.Thank you all so much as always for your support, it really has been a crazy year so far. I feel like the world keeps trying to knock me off my feet, but I refuse to give up. Looking forward to seeing what we create together yall! C:-Lumé

Kind of sad, kind of funny, that my last update was about going full speed ahead on my art career. Long story short, I got burnt out, have been for awhile, and just didn't see it until now.
Some of you will have already read about this on Ko-Fi or Discord, but I have been doing commissions for 8 years. I realized that, while I still cherish and adore this field of work, I really need a break to reorganize what art means to me before I can continue to create for others.This has already been going very well actually, and I am finding my love for rendered pieces again and art overall! I've already created a few pieces that have become favorites and are front and center for my portfolio. It's good to be taking time to feel out what it is I want to put into the world, and what kind of messages and emotions I'd like to explore.As a result, commissions will be closed on January 1st, indefinitely. I plan to take at least a month away from work once the current queue is empty. After that, if I feel I'm ready, I will open very limited slots for commissions for repeat clients only. Potentially, I might also offer a few slots on Ko-Fi.The only reason I'm even able to take this much-needed break is because I have to go live with my moms again (so...I guess this is one of the only plus sides to that, haha), but even then, I still have to make enough to buy food each week!It's hard to believe it's been this long now since I started. My entire life has gone into making this a reality, and it feels so sad to just be unable to make it work at this time in my life. I am once again unsure what my future looks like, but hey, who isn't. This has been my biggest dream, but I just can't seem to get enough traction to bring in a consistent amount of work, and that's not livable.Thank you to everyone who has supported me over these many long years, I hope you will stick around to see what comes next.Bye for now,

I've decided, I have to stick with my guts and go after my dreams! I just can't find or hold down a 9-5 day job. I am here on this Earth to CREATE so that's what I'm gonna do!
That being said, please come find me at Midwest Furfest 2023 in the Dealers Den! I can't believe I'm going to be back in the USA again, and I am so excited to reveal the new items I have been working on!Commissions will continue like normal, with a turnaround of 2-4 commissions completed a week.After MFF I will be taking a short break from commissions to recoup, and left over merch from MFF will be for sale in my shop (coming soon)!Thank you for your continuous support everyone! Muah!

Hello friends!
It's been a hard month in many ways, but I have to say, most of all in my art. I hit a wall, and became incredibly depressed and burnt out from doing almost entirely commission work for...years now?
I've been taking some time to heal, and to relearn what it is that I want to create. It's been challenging, but I'm starting to get my groove back, and also finding an updated style that I haven't felt like I had the chance to find previously in my paid works.I can't guarantee the super fast turnarounds I had. I have to take it easy, as my mental health will always affect the art I am giving my clients. Thank you for continuing to choose me as your artist! I am looking forward to working on new commissions and trying to be less hard on myself during the work process.

I'm finally relocated in Portugal! It's been a bit tricky to rework freelancing into a new schedule that I'm still learning, but so far so good! I officially live in my own place and need to pay rent, so I may have to push my commissions a bit more ahhh... ^^; But I'm very excited to be back and am looking forward to working hard on my art! Commissions should follow the usual 3-5day turnaround time, unless I have anything come up. Thanks for everyone's patience over the last like, 5 months while I prepared for such a lifechanging move! :)

I've done a lot of reflection on the last year, especially the end of it, and in terms of business was messy. In online spaces I was MIA for most of the year, and I have been very spotty with my commission updates, sometimes going weeks without any word. I was really hard on myself, and honestly felt disappointed in myself, but I'm realizing that work was not at all my focus in 2022.
I learned to appreciate life and slow down, something I feel like I've never known how to do. My whole life, I've been battling the clock. I feel rejuvenated and raring to go, with the website completely updated from "header" to "footer" (yipeeee an official domain!) and a gameplan for how to most effectively get through the rest of my MFF commission queue.Some people have probably seen me talk about my upcoming move by now. I'm still learning the details, but we are expected to be leaving roughly at the end of February-mid March. I will be out of town in early February as well related to the move. These travels shouldn't affect the current queue, but they may lead to uncertain turnaround times for my February queue. Ordinarily I'd just call the month off of work but I really need the money to help us out. If you're a commission client in no rush but who wants to get pretty art and help the artist, then this is the perfect time haha!As always, thanks so much to everyone who supports me, be it monetarily, exposure, or emotionally. I'm entering a new chapter of my life and I am insanely excited to see where it leads me. <3

Looks like we are BACK IN BUSINESS BABY!!!
I am SO stoked to be back and working on commissions and my own personal pieces again. I got through my burn out quicker than I was thinking I would! I have updated a few things throughout my site, pretty minor things but overall they look better and will help commissioners stay informed down the line.Thank you EVERYONE for your support, old and new followers alike. I really really hope I can make this my full-time job. I want to do this so badly, and I will continue to work hard!TURNAROUND TIME IS AN ESTIMATED 2 WEEKS
from the moment you hit #1 in my queue.

Okay, so, that job was a complete shit-show and a waste of my time and energy, lol. It left me totally burnt out, but I started ANOTHER new job a couple of days ago. At the moment it's significantly less pay, so I'm going to be leaning on commissions a lot.
As I said, I'm feeling pretty burnt out atm, but I am trying to finish up what I currently owe and find the time and energy to continue to take more on.Commissions are open if you would like to get one, but the turnaround is anywhere from 1week-1month. Thanks for your patience everyone!

I've scored a job and I'm super excited! I don't start for a minute though, so I'm continuing to take commissions to cover the gap between work. Our shop is also updating frequently.

Some of you may have noticed I have been very MIA these past few months!
This is due to a lot of things, but primarily because we have been preparing to move since January. We're finally in the new house as of May, and while I'm still unpacking my stuff, I'm a little more back on track!
I'm currently job hunting but so far there has been no luck. I've been waiting on SNAP benefits as well and it's been taking a while, so in the meantime, I'm working on a brand new art & jewelry shop with my boyfriend (called Puppy + Fish) as well as commissions. Any support right now means the world and really helps me.

My lab results are back, and while I do have fibromyalgia, the diagnosis means I can now seek help to cope with it better! Hopefully soon I will be in less pain and more able to work on art! As always, thank you everyone for being so patient with me.
I would also like to say I will be quite busy near the end of the month handling a variety of things, so I apologize for any further delay!

I am still gradually chipping away through commissions!
I want to say that it has been very difficult to get through my current batch. I believe I have fibromyalgia and have been experiencing a very intense flare-up since I got back from my trip to AZ. I'll be seeing the doctor next week, so here's to getting a diagnosis!
That being said, my pain has been making art and general living super difficult, so while I thought I'd be back on track in February, this is just another roadblock challenging me. Thank you everyone for your patience while I handle real life things, it's so greatly appreciated and I hope that the long turnaround time will be worth the wait!

SfS has new set hours, 10a-6p Mon-Fri. When I am not working my day job, I'll be working during those times to respond to inquiries and complete items in the queue. The result is a slower turnaround time but will help provide balance in my life and give me the personal time I need to be mentally well enough for work.
I'm in the middle of moving right now! It's been really chaotic, and a lot of my time not at my day job has been spent coordinating, house hunting, and packing. My queue is backed up right now since this is taking up so much of my free time, but do not fret! I am chipping away as I can!My tablet is out for repair right now. I'm hoping it'll be back by February, but as a result, I am using my old tablet and I have to take frequent breaks; it's not ergonomic enough and aggravates my carpal tunnel. This can also affect the turnaround time.I will be OUT OF TOWN from 1/22-1/27. I'm visiting my grandparents for possibly the last time and with my tablet in repair rn anyways, I'll be unable to work during those dates.The site also recently underwent some updates! Prices and T.o.S. have changed, and the Reviews and Inquiry tabs have been added. I'm going to become more strict about keeping inquiries to email only instead of through Twitter because it's very difficult to keep track of everything.Lots of change going on right now and I am doing my best! Thanks for everyone's patience, all my recent commissioners are the reason I have been able to afford my necessities the last 2 weeks and I'm SO grateful!

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Meet The Artist

Hi there! My name is Rhidley, but online I'm known as Lumé or LUMENS8ITE!When I was a kid, I was deeply sucked into Invader Zim and MLP:FiM. I drew all kinds of crazy art with my mary sue fan OCs back then, which eventually resulted in making my first furry-specific OC in Adobe Flash, Starla! Once I made Starla, I just couldn't stop making them, and by the next day I suddenly had 7 new OCs! But out of all of them, Sunny was my favorite. He became my fursona and I suddenly found myself in furry circles, and I have been unable to stop talking about furries since that day hahaha!

I originally posted the first art/animations of Sunny to YouTube on my Webkinz video account, but decided that I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my (then) biggest inspiration, Splashkittyartist. I started a new channel, this time just for animations and art. This is kind of where it feels like my life began, really. Livestreams and comments on videos lead me to friendships, in which I eventually opened a Discord server to make chatting easier for everyone. From there, my interest in fostering meaningful communities only got bigger and bigger. I learned that putting my own vulnerabilities out there helped others feel less alone, and I've never let go of that since.

Nowadays, I specialize in representing queer, neurodivergent, and body positive furries! I try to use my style to encourage love and acceptance to viewers' own bodies. I work fulltime on commissions and couldn't be more grateful for this! Talking to cool people every day and creating meaningful memories and artworks for my lovely clients fills me with so much joy. I'm happy to have this little community of artistic people like me who just want to live their best lives and love while they can.I've adapted a buddhist approach to life thanks to a lot of therapy and HRT. I used to be very unruly due to my BPD, and I hope that when people see my old vent animatics up against my new art, they see me. How much I have grown, changed, and blossomed since it all started. I want others who are going through their own problems to see that one, they're not alone, and two, that positive change is possible.It's my goal to one day be in the position to make graphic novels about my OCs to help educate on BPD and other topics. I want to capture the lows and the positives, and the process of improving oneself overtime and the trials that can bring. For now though, commissions are my focus and have been for the past 8 years!Let's create awesome stuff together! Until then<3-Lumé

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Welcome to the adult area!
If you are under 18, please click away now regardless of local laws.

All of the adult-specific info you will need for commissioning is located on this single page for simplicity.All the other all-ages rules and terms apply here, too.

Follow me!

Terms of Service (2/2)

View page 1/2

All clients will be required to show proof of age with a legal document. Please blur any other sensitive information on your document of choice, as I only need the DoB.

Will & Won't Draw (2/2)

View page 1/2

If the kink you're looking for isn't on one of these lists, feel free to ask! I'm kink+ and won't judge ya. :)These lists are subject to revisions and additions overtime.

Will draw:

  • ABDL

  • Anal

  • Blood

  • Dronification

  • Dubcon

  • Exhibitionism / Voyeurism

  • Feederism

  • Gore

  • Hyper

  • Hypno

  • Incest

  • Knife play

  • Lactation

  • Lingerie

  • Micro/macro

  • Noncon

  • Paws/feet

  • Pregnancy

  • Primal

  • Quad

  • Self-harm

  • Somno

  • Sub/dom

  • Vore

  • Watersports

Won't draw:

  • Cub

  • Necrophilia

  • Prolapse

  • Scat

  • Vomit

Repeat clients get 10% OFF their total commission

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Standard Commission

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

SketchFlat colorShaded
50 €90 €130 €
+20 €/per extra character+30 €/per extra character+40 €/per extra character


50+ €
Backgrounds can be tricky to price, so I give a general flat rate here. Depending on what you ask for and the level of detail you're looking for the price may vary! Please do not hesitate to ask if you're at all interested. :)

More examples:

150 € Reference Sheets

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

When buying a reference sheet, you will need to tell me of any design changes in advance.
If I deem there to be a lot of design changes that involve extra work, I will charge upwards of 25 € extra.

60 € Monochrome

COMES WITH: Work in progress updates, high-res .png, low-res .jpg, and one-minute speedpaint.

+20 € per character


Sweet as Sugar

Cold as Ice


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